Health – or lack of 🤔

Health is such a tricky thing – you’re fine one day (or so you think) and the next…. well!  Change is inevitable – in all things in life.  Have I mentioned that I’m not crazy about change?!

So, as a breast cancer survivor, I’m thankful for every day I wake up above the grass.  And age – my mind doesn’t feel old (most days anyway), but my body is another story.

The most recent problems concern my heart – and I’ve been reluctant to write about that (I do hate old people who moan and groan so you won’t hear about this again).  Fell back in October and wound up with a black eye which I did post about here and I suppose this is a follow up, since they’ve finally decided what my problem is – my heart. 😟

So after even more tests, I have a monitor implanted and have been advised to reduce my stress (I have stress?) and relax more.  I just bought a book on Amazon “Addicted to Busy”  This was in the daily email I receive on discounted or free books.  Could that possibly be me?  <nah>

I’m trimming back the things I do and being more selective in how I spend my time.  And so, after many years, I’m closing my small web design business.  But it seems my blog will be ‘good for me’ as it’s a type of journaling.  And my cross stitch has always been a stress reliever for me – so there will be more of that.  Reading and general relaxing (not sure I know how to  do that, but I’m gonna try).

So, the idea is to ‘relax more’ and snuggle with my sweet Koda more.

<sigh>  Did I mention I’m not crazy about change!




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Bettye L Rainwater

I’m sure Koda is pleased about this change! And yes, please let go of whatever is not serving your best interests in terms of your health!

xoxo Bettye

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

This is so important for all of us, I think, Iris. I shared an interesting post on FB the other day about how we need to give up that notion of business and always being productive. That’s how I take what you’re saying.
Maybe that’s why the whole yoga thing has been somewhat good for me?? (except when the cats distract me..ha ha).
Sending big hugs that your heart stays strong!!