Sasquash and the Aflac duck

What do you think these two might possibly have in common?

Well, they both took care of me.  You may already have read about Sasquash – he’s been with me through all of my breast cancer journey, and the heart related issues.  His little body is just perfect to squeeze if I’m getting a shot or there are needles involved. 🙂

So, one time when I was having a PET scan, I “forgot” Sasquash.  I know, it was awful.  My dear friend, Ann was with me, but I needed Sasquash.

Chuck (late husband) had always been so kind and understanding about my fear of needles and tests.  He always held my hand and talked to me to help get my mind off what was going on and he wasn’t there and somehow not having Sasquash made that worse.  Ann was doing a great job and I’m sure I couldn’t have made it that day without her.

But, I just lost it!   I was ready to leave and go back home.  I Just Could. Not. Handle. It.  It was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”.  The very kind nurse at the Cancer Center said she had a stand-in for Sasquash.  She came back with the Aflac duck for me to squeeze – and squeeze I did.  Between the duck and Ann, I made it through the test.

When it was all over, I tried to return the duck to the Nurse, she said, “Oh it’s okay, we have a whole basket of them for kids who get upset.”  😀 That would be me. 😔

It wasn’t the only time I got upset, but the nurses were always so kind and understanding.  And the whole staff at the heart center was great earlier this month and wanted to hear about Sasquash.  He was a God send and his little body is probably a bit smaller now.  I think I do a bit better now…. well maybe not!

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Aww, what a thoughtful nurse to think of doing something to help you. And now you have TWO Sashquashes – maybe leave one in your car so you’re never without!