It’s snowing in Alabama…

…or it was when I wrote this post on Tuesday.  And cold – yes, it’s very cold.  We don’t often have temps on the teens.  As nice as it is seeing it fall when I don’t have to go outside, I’m ready for it to be gone already.  I had just stepped out on my deck when I took this video.

I didn’t get a picture of Koda, but he seemed fascinated by the snow.  He wanted to poke and sniff around.  He doesn’t like the wet ground from the rain, but he was really interested in the snow.  Now, if  it had been up to his tummy like #1 son’s little dog had to face, I’m not sure he’d have been so happy.

Pictures in a different direction.  This is an old wooden ‘garage’ that was my grandfathers.  It now sits out in what is woods.  One of only 2 buildings left – lots of memories. <sigh>


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The snow looks so pretty – it never snows here in Brisbane! I hope that you are staying warm and cosy despite all the snow! 🙂


Ooh, pretty video! There are few things more magical to me than falling snow.

Nice that we live in a country with something for everyone!


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

How cute that Koda enjoyed it even if you didn’t, LOL!! I have to admit, that I don’t miss it,

I’m with you, Iris. Snow is pretty for a little while and then I’m ready for it to be gone. We have had snow (and ice) several times so far and now I am ready for Spring! I loved hearing Koda bark on your video. How is he feeling now? All better, I hope.