Is it spring yet?

Well, I thought yesterday it was about here for sure… but today is cool again.  This picture is one of my “double daffodils” already blooming.

I grew up knowing them as jonquils – but in doing a bit of research it looks like I probably have a mixture, the above one being a Van Sion daffodil.

Now, bear in mind – I am NOT a gardener.  My grandmother, my mother and my daughter all fall into that category – me, you’d be surprised how quickly I can kill something green.

However, all these lovely daffodils & jonquils came from my grandmother’s (long gone) flower gardens and since they’re really pretty hardy I can enjoy them early spring.

They don’t even care if there are limbs and leaves on top of them because the human hasn’t cleaned up the yard.

There are other adorable tiny flowers that are growing already.  I had no idea what they were but stumbled on a facebook post that talked about them (a mint used as a folk remedy –   “Purple dead Nettle”  or Lamium purpureum – quite a name.  The picture online looks much better than mine, but they’re definitely the same flowers. This picture is from my yard.

This picture is from the Rural Sprout page describing them.

One of my favorites that is quite hardy isn’t blooming yet (older picture) but has been around forever and I’m confident it’ll be back.  The plain ole wild violet.

Maybe one reason I like them so much is they have such great memories attached for me.  I have a little “violet vase” that my grandmother used to keep on her kitchen table.  It is the perfect size for a bouquet of these adorable flowers.

#1 son doesn’t like the violets.  He says they’re weeds that choke out the grass.  But, who needs grass when you have the adorable violets?!

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Bettye L Rainwater

“1 son doesn’t like the violets. He says they’re weeds that choke out the grass.” Oh, that’s such a man thing. Weeds and vines. They just can’t bear them.

Glad to see some signs of life starting to spring up (see what I did there?). Soon.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a double daffodil, although I have heard of Jonquils. How pretty they are! It’s so nice that they are still blooming and have the wonderful connection to your grandmother! That’s really special. We are having some very nice and warm days this week but we are going back to cooler temps next week. That’s Spring for you!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

You have to love it when the flowers come no matter how our skills are Iris. Rob and I are the same way…we have even killed mint before, LOL.
But those are so lovely and how wonderful they bring back such memories.

Terri Gardner

Well, Mother Nature is certainly working on it. We’re in about two growing zones north of you, I think and the Crocus just started blooming this week. Usually, they start in February but as it was pretty brutal for all of us, they held off. My dafs are up but it will be a while before we see flowers, I think. But, I did make a Hosta order this week-I’m planning!