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This is another in our monthly “Where Bloggers Live”.  I’ve really enjoyed doing this series and seeing what my other blogger buddies have been up to.  Please be sure and check out all their ideas about Pets – I can’t wait.

So here we go – my pet list has been extensive over the years, but just so you know, mine have all been 4 legged, furry pets.  I’m just not into the scaly kind.  I could write pet stories all day, but I’ll “try” and shorten it a bit :-)….

My first pet (and I won’t name them all) was when I was about 7 years old and a little terrier.  My parents surprised me with him when he was just a puppy – I named him “Harry”.  I think he’s the only dog my mother ever liked.  He was great, I pushed him around the neighborhood in a doll buggy, dressed him up for neighborhood parades and he was a sweetheart through all of that.  Sadly he only lived to be 4 years old and is buried under an old magnolia tree that was in my grandparents yard (house gone/tree still there).  Then there was a succession of dogs until I married and left home.

Chuck gave me my first poodle as a birthday gift.  Cute story:  this was in the 1960’s so no quick easy communication.  He was over an hour getting home from work that day and no call from his office telling me he’d be late.  I was frantic – visualized him in a car wreck on the side of the road.  When he finally arrived, then I was furious!!!  I met him outside and was just about to lambast him when I realized there was a tiny little head peeping out from his jacket.  An adorable silver poodle puppy – Jacques.  (No pictures, didn’t do them quite as much ‘back in the day’).  After Jacques there was Coco – a really sweet but really dumb cream colored poodle.



Then this little cutie, Pierre.  He was an adorable little black rescue poodle, who unfortunately had lots of issues.  But the only one of my poodles that my mother ever warmed up to.




And then Frosty (the love of my life) and now Koda (a Pomapoo – poodle/pomeranian mix).

No cats until the last 20 or so years.  Fluffy(a barn cat came inside, she was seriously Chuck’s cat and he was her person), and now Boots & Emma Grace.  You can find several posts about the cats in my life.  Boots is a big boy at about 17 pounds and 13 years old, while Emma Grace 16 years old and only weighs 7 pounds.  Both are indoor cats (now) and are quite friendly.  Both were rescues and have some issues, but very loving to me.

I can’t write about pets without including Frosty.  All my other poodles were miniatures, but I’d always wanted a teacup.  Chuck was afraid he’s step on such a small dog, but after I lost Pierre, Chuck found an ad for a teacup and took me to see him (with me protesting – I didn’t think I was ready for another dog – until I saw him).  Needless to say we brought him home and he was my 3-1/2 pound constant companion for 16 years.

Then I lost Frosty – I was a complete basket case.  DIL had to come to the Vet’s office to drive me home.  Not only had he been my constant companion, but it was almost like loosing Chuck all over again.  I was a mess!!!  #3 son and his family were living with me at the time and they stepped up to take care of me, and Koda was their answer.  He was a tiny, adorable puppy and wormed his way into my heart very quickly.

Now Koda  is something else.  He sticks to me like clue – he’s a 13 pound guard dog.  NO ONE is going to sneak up on me!

You can see Koda’s puppy picture at the bottom of my blog, and he’s with me in my profile pic, and of course he’s ‘featured’ on the right column. He’s snuggled close as I type this – never far away.  He’s pretty important around here!

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Daenel T.

Loved reading about your pets. The story about your husband showing up late is so completely relatable and one of those sweet surprises that can’t be pulled off in today’s forever connected world.

Isn’t it funny how they become just as protective of us as we are of them? My girls are my shadows. Except when my kids are home — then they don’t know me. LOL

Leslie Susan Clingan

I so enjoyed this post. I guess the animal lover in me makes me quite nosy about other people’s pets. Our beloved Cici must have been part poodle and sheepdog. Although we bought her thinking she was husky. I have always heard poodles are so smart. Giggled about Coco not being the sharpest knife in the drawer. Glad to read that EmmaGrace is still going strong. I believe she was the kitty that had troubles in the fall. We have a kitty, Snick, who loves to watch the water run down the shower door once we have finished bathing. And… Read more »

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

It’s the saddest thing when they leave us, yet their love in our lives far outweighs the loss. It doesn’t seem like it at the time we are grieving, but I always feel that way later on.
I didn’t share that my husband cried more about losing Tuffy (the mean cat) than he did for his mother. In retrospect, I’m sure he was grieving for both, but our pets really grab our hearts.
Thanks for sharing all of this Iris,

Em Dirr

Your post was beautiful and sweet and sad. Little Frosty. This is such the thing about our pets (and our people, of course). I have a Facebook friend who posts about grief all the time…how great grief comes because of great love, and how if youre blessed by the latter, you will likely have to experience the former. I think pets have the ability to leave a hole in your heart and yet fill one as well. Not that we dont continue to love the ones we lose, but a new pet gives us a place to put those feelings,… Read more »

Oh how we love our fur babies. And mourn them when they are no longer with us! I loved reading about all of yours. Our Cassie likes to go in the shower, too, and comes out all wet. So funny! Loved your post.


Oh, Iris, I remember when you lost Frosty. My heart broke for you…I know how dear he was to you and such a support when you lost Charles 🙁 {{hugs}}

I’m so glad lil Koda joined you after that.

Ha ha, my cats have all liked to go into the shower after I’m done, too 🙂

You have more self-control than I do – I had to go through EVERY ANIMAL I EVER HAD. Or borrowed. Or stole. Or just passed by on the street, ha ha.