Emma Grace is missing :-(

I was all set with another post, but can’t get this out of my mind.

Sitting on my computer

My sweet, shy, sometimes annoying cat – Emma Grace – is missing.  I previously wrote about her here.

How did that happen you ask?  Well, I’m not sure.  She is NOT an outside cat – hasn’t been since I’ve had her at about 2 months old.  She isn’t a ‘door runner’.  She goes to the door when it’s open but never really tries to get out.  She’s very shy and afraid of everything.  She does NOT want to be picked up and/or held – though she does like to sit in my lap (on her own terms of course).

She is almost 16 years old, declawed, always been an inside cat.  She and Boots get along fine – as do she and Koda.  She has NO outside skills and is VERY shy.

I’ve searched high and low, town the house apart looking.  Everywhere close by outside.  I’ve posted notices on Facebook, put up flyers, listed her on any of the ‘lost pet’ sites.  I’m writing this on Thursday and she’s been missing since Monday.  Worried is an understatement. 😔

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Oh, I just can’t imagine Iris. I would be so worried too…


Oh no! I’m so sorry, I really hope she turns up somewhere, perhaps a neighbour spotted her and is keeping her safe as they haven’t seen a flyer yet. I really hope she comes back to you soon!

Leslie Susan Clingan

Just stopping by to see if there is any news on this baby girl. Thinking of you.

Leslie Susan Clingan

Oh, darling friend, I am so sorry to read about Emma Grace. We have a kitty with much the same temperament and she would not do well outside for long. Hope someone has found her and returned her to you and you’ve enjoyed a wonderful welcome celebration.

Thinking of you both.


Oh dear, Iris, I am so very sorry to hear about Emma Grace being missing. Prayers that she is found soon! I know how it is to worry over a fur baby!

Ruth Eisenman
Ruth Eisenman

I just had to say, I did not chose that creepy stock drawing.

Ruth Eisenman
Ruth Eisenman

Oh, so sorry. I hope you find her soon.

Terri Gardner

Oh dear, I am so sorry and that is a very scary thing. I would be worried sick too. I hope you find her. Hugs, Terri