Tools – just what every old lady needs

So, my husband left a workshop that was full of tools.  Most of which I have no idea what they are and they are too heavy for me even if I did know what they do.  I’ve had my own small tool box for years – hammer, 2 screw drivers, pliers…  what more does anyone need?  A lot apparently.

I have a small electric weed wacker that I “can” use – but one has to combine a large number of very long extension cords together to reach anywhere (I have a LARGE yard) and that’s a pain.  A friend loaned me a battery operated weed wacker and a leaf blower last year and I was hooked.  I didn’t even know I needed a leaf blower and now I wouldn’t want to live without it – not to mention my battery operated weed wacker.  You can reach amazing places when you don’t have an electrical cord trailing behind you.

Then I needed to put something up that required a screw being driven into very hard wood.  It was just more than I could manage energy wise.  So, that required a battery operated drill/screw driver.  This is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Who knew there was even a battery operated chain saw….

and a variety of other goodies out there.  All made by Black & Decker and all the same voltage (if your’re careful).

And I’m keeping my eye on a few more for the future.



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Bettye Rainwater

I do love a good tool. My cordless drill/screwgun had gotten a LOT of use at my house, but then rusted to unusability in a basement flood so I threw it out when I sold my house…but I should probably get a smaller version even for living in rentals.

The chain saw scares me a bit! Are you cutting down trees? I never even liked using the electric hedge clippers.