Elephants – bet I have more than you

Do you collect anything?  Everyone should.  Makes it so much easier for family and friends to find gifts.  This is the voice of experience speaking.

I collect elephants.  I have large elephants, tiny elephants, outdoor elephants, planter elephants, elephant pictures, elephant clothing, elephant jewelry, elephant pillows, and even two paintings done by elephants.  And, did I mention large – this  one (also a gift from DH) is a large leather one.

It all started innocently enough many years ago after I’d mentioned that I was awed by the large unusual looking animals.  My husband became an excellent ‘elephant hunter’ – and over the years found many unusual ones for me.

Grandkids have contributed heavily to this collection, especially one particular grandson who I could count on to always have elephants in any gift.  He has practically decorated my elephant Christmas tree single handed.  What, you mean not everyone has an elephant Christmas tree?

I have so many unusual ones, there’s no way to post pictures of them… I lave tiny elephants, big elephants, elephant clothes, elephant bags, elephant jewelry… if you can think of it I probably have it.  Heck, I even have an elephant thumb drive.  BTW, did you know you can wash elephant thumb drives in your pants pockets and  they still work?  Just an aside I thought you might like to know.

I have a plethora of elephant ‘pictures/paintings/whatever’ that go on the wall.  One son and his wife brought this one home from Australia – think they got it at a street market – picture doesn’t do it justice.

Then there are two paintings that were actually done by elephants (different zoo/different animals) – both great:

And not to be forgotten, the original drawing done by my now grand-daughter-in-law

And this, as they say, is not a drop in the bucket… I could keep posting pictures of my elephants all day long and still not finish.  I appreciate each and every one as I know the giver was thinking of me and that makes me feel good.  Thank you one and all!!

So, my house is decorated in “early elephant”  and I thoroughly enjoy them all!  And I think I’ve decided elephants might need another post of their very own.  Another day 🙂

Grace & Peace, Iris



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Bettye L Rainwater

Boy, if only you’d thought to share how awed you are by the SPARKLE of DIAMONDS instead of elephants, ha ha! I’m just kidding 🙂 It’s just so funny how one simple comment can create a lifetime of actions. As much “stuff” as I have (and have had), I was not really ever much of a “collector.” I collected vintage/antique transferware (dishes & serving pieces) for a number of years when I was ebaying because at auctions I could find affordable pieces. I started with red and white (not the more popular blue and white), and then moved to the… Read more »

Jacki Espino
Jacki Espino

Great elephants. When we were kids my dad got to collecting Owls — we had owls everywhere. After we were grown and dad was gone, Mom decided to start collecting elephants. She had quite a collection for having started late in life. It helps that they are magnificent creatures in ‘real life’ doesn’t it?