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Welcome to the latest edition of Where Bloggers Live. If you’ve been following anytime you know -it’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! We’ve been doing this for awhile, so you may have already visited our homes/workspaces/town, etc.  But today you’re seeing what you would see first if you came into my house.  Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives?   We’re a group of six bloggers who are sharing.  Be sure to check them all out.

So here we are, at the little short walkway and steps to my house.  Bear in mind, I live in the country.  I have “lots” of trees.  They have lots of leaves.  I don’t rake leaves – or pine straw.  I let it lay just where it falls – well, occasionally if it’s in my way I’ll move the leaves/pine straw over – but that doesn’t count as raking.  I know, not much ‘curb appeal’ (I watch the house shows), but hey – it’s my house, it’s just what “I” want and I love it!

Okay, so you’ve made it up my walkway (that a gracious neighbor worked really hard to fix for me as I hadn’t taken very good car of it), and up the steps with my bright red railing (same neighbor painted it red for me – it is iron and was beginning to show rust – looks much better now).  AND, let’s not forget the neighborhood watch sign.  Long story but that seems like a pretty good resting place for it.

So, there are several ‘welcome’ things waiting for you on my front porch… my little welcome goose (given to me by a friend many years ago), goofy little poodle welcome (another gift), my welcome wreath (that changes with the seasons), my doormat, and last but not least – elephants (you know there would be elephants

Yes I know, there’s rust at the bottom of the storm door.  I’ve lived in this house for 30+ years and maintenance hasn’t been kept up nearly as well since Chuck died.  (The small ramp to the door was for his wheelchair – I haven’t been able to take it down.)

You’ve come this far, you might as well come on in.

Entry hallway features Koda (the guard dog, barker/greeter) picture gallery and entrance table on the right and a few pictures and coat rack on the left.




Left side of entry way – antique coat rack (with elephant hat hanging on it) and a few random pictures on the wall (can’t have an empty wall).

Also on the left – two pieces on antique sheet music from my Grandparents/Great-Grandparents home that #1 son rescued and framed for me.  I LOVE them both!!!

That’s it – my short entry way.  It surely wouldn’t meet today’s standards of everything white and pretty bare.  But you know what – it meets my standards perfectly!!  Thanks for visiting.  Be sure to check out everyone else’s ‘landing place’.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

Thank you for welcoming us in. Your home is very cozy and has so many interesting pieces to look at and enjoy. The framed music is very special. PC’s mom sent me some of her books of music for a craft project and I almost feel guilty cutting it for notecards. Couldn’t tell what size the leather elephant is but I like it. I think it is so much fun that you have elephants everywhere.

Cindy Anderson

I love your covered porch! And the pictures in your hall, I agree that you shouldn’t have an empty wall. I have family photos hanging on almost every wall in my house! (My house doesn’t have hardwood floors or granite countertops. It was built in the 50’s and hasn’t been updated, maybe ever!) By the way my husbands name is Chuck. I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. I can’t even imagine…


How nice of your son to frame the sheet music. A welcoming touch.


Your entry way looks wonderful! I really like the photo wall, it’s so nice having photos up when you walk into a house. We have a couple on the wall in our entry way too, but I’d really like to add more and get a gallery wall going!

Hope you had a good weekend 🙂 Ours was nice, celebrating Lunar New Year with the family.

Bettye L Rainwater

I love the front facade of your house. The elevated wide porch with room for seating and geese and elephants!

And that framed antique sheet music from your grandparents! What a great thing to have and share with guests!

Give Koda a hug from me xoxo


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I love how you have so much love and help from your neighbors Iris. You are blessed to have people around you that give their time that way.
BTW, I do think leaves are a wonderful decorative item, so I think that’s how you should refer to them on the front walk, LOL!!! Like you laid them there to welcome us!!
As for the entry inside…it’s wonderful. Those antique music sheets are something to behold. And a kiss and hug to Koda. He’s feeling better, yes??

em d

Your entryway is VERY welcoming…love the family photos right off the bat! They say everything about who you are and what’s important to you. It would also be why it would take me a long time to get further into your gracious home. I looove looking at people’s photos…they tell such wonderful stories about a person. You’re so right about the white and bare looks that are all over instagram and pinterest. I definitely appreciate the style and the minimalism, but I guess I’m stuck in my own time warp…I like color, and things… like your framed sheet music! Those… Read more »

Donna Nance
Donna Nance

I love your entryway! It has lots of interesting things and meaningful objects. Nothing cold or generic! I especially love your greeter/doorbell/security.