Happy Elephant Valentine’s

I did an early Valentine post, but decided to do a late one and feature some of my “elephant valentines”.  What?  You mean not every one has elephant valentines.  Well, my hubby was a good ‘valentine giver’ – and also a good ‘elephant giver’, so you combine those two you get elephant valentines.

This is a little cutie from lots of years ago.  Two sweet fuzzy elephants sitting together on a fat red heart valentine.

Then there’s a slightly larger white elephant with red ears and feet holding a sweet heart that has two intertwined hearts.

Okay, enough with the elephants already – this is still one of my favorites.

All of these are more than 18 years.  Still a sweet reminder.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

A sweet reminder indeed. Love the heart shaped pillow. Something about the white elephant reminds me of Dumbo…which breaks my heart every time I watch it. My favorite elephants are the gray ones, though. So snuggly.