Friday’s Post is Late..

Just when you think life will slow down – something stops that.  And, I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years what would get it this last week.

I’ve been dog bit!  Well, that makes it sound much worse than it was.  Actually, Koda (who is my adorable “pomapoo” – pomerian and poodle mixed) loves to play and he takes it very seriously and plays really, really rough.  I know that, I was just tired last Saturday night and not paying attention.  He’s always jumping around at bedtime and this time he came flying across the living room floor and flung himself at me.  Unfortunately his mouth caught the back of my hand (right hand, of course)  and barely nicked it.

You’ve seen pictures of my sweet little guard dog, but I’ll just share some more:

Didn’t hurt, didn’t think any more about it – until Sunday morning when my hand was quite swolen, very painful and red.  #1 son took me to an urgent care dr office.  They x-rayed it and said nothing broken.  Script for antibodics and back home to rest.

I rested (?) for several days.  I could use the mouse with my computer and I could read… but that’s about it.  Couldn’t cross stitch (now, that’s awful).  By Thursday the swelling was worse, the red was all the way up to my elbow and VERY sore.  Saw my dr in the afternoon and she gave me a shot and a different antibodic script.  Back to see her on Friday for another shot and the redness had decreased dramatically.  By this morning I could stand to use it a little bit.  Go back on Tuesday for a follow up.

You know, I’ll pay closer attention when Koda is feeling crazy.  He is truly the sweetest dog and thinks he has be right close and protect me from anything different or strange.    And, yes – I’ll keep loving him!


If you look to the right column – he’s always there!  And, his baby picture is at the bottom left!  He rescued me after Frosty died, and I’d be lost without him.

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Iris I am so glad you got swift medical attention for the swelling, pain and redness! We just got new pup (seven months old) and he is a wild man! I can’t wait for the puppy craziness to wear off. He is a sweet boy, though. Hope you are back cross stitching very soon!

Leslie Susan Clingan

Wow. I am so sorry. I know Koda was only playing with lots of enthusiastic love in his heart. My daughter’s Pumpkin plays much the same way and she has torn up my right forearm. We watched her last week while the kids were on vacation and I am pretty bruised and scratched. Our own kitty bit me at the vet’s a couple of months ago and I thought nothing of it, except how out of character it was for her but she was stressed. Like your bite, mine swelled overnight. I had a tetanus shot and course of antibiotics.… Read more »