Blogs make a difference…..

…. in the way I see things.

I made a weekend trip to  see my daughter recently and I realized, I look at things differently now.  I think I actually SEE things now that didn’t even register in my brain previously.  I think – “Oh, I could put that on the blog”, or “Wow, that would make a great picture for the blog”.

An example is the cotton bales I saw as I was driving home.  Now, I’ve seen cotton bales since I was a little girl, but these were wrapped in pink – had not seen that before.  And, I thought maybe there were other people who hadn’t seen that before also.

And, the small waterfall – I’ve passed it many times to and from, but yesterday I really ‘looked’ at it.  I’m sure it’s man made, and I have no idea if it has a function or not – but it’s really pretty.

It’s a shame it took the blog for me to focus on what’s around me, and see some of the interesting things and much of the beauty God has created.

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I can totally relate Iris. I feel like I do look at things so differently since blogging. Just the lighting and such can make me see things like I never did before.