Cars are wonderful….

…. when they do what they’re supposed to do – like START!

Mine didn’t day before yesterday.  Guess it wasn’t the car’s fault – but that darned battery just refused to last no longer than 5 years.  And you know, one day it works great, the next – nada!

I just sat there in shock when I turned the key and nothing happened.  I drive an older car and try to take really good care of it, but who thinks to check and see how old their battery is.  You’d think it would give you some kind of warning, “Hey, I’m seriously ill, you’ll need to replace me”.  Nope, just quit.

I had a page full of errands to run – not the least of which was a haircut.

So, I raised the hood and nothing looked like the underneath of a hood back in  the day – even getting the darned thing out looked like it was way beyond my pay grade.  And, what was I going to  do once I got it out?  I live out in the country, nothing close by.

So, after I recovered from my shock – one phone call to my neighbor and he had the situation in hand.  He came, took the battery out/took me to town/put the new battery in and walla – it started!!!

And, if he hadn’t been available there are others I could have called.  I am blessed to have wonderful neighbors.   Thank you Jeff!


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this happened to me a while ago. it can be so frustrating
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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I had to have AAA come out a couple of years ago and do the same thing. It’s true…why is there no warning???
I’m so glad you got it fixed okay, Iris.