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Welcome to the latest edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! The group of seven of us have shared our work spaces, outdoor areas and more.

Oh my, we’re writing about our kitchens this month.  Don’t get me wrong, while I hate to cook, and don’t do much of it any more, I do have a kitchen.  And, I have numerous “appliances” (large and small) that one would use if one cooked.

My kitchen is small and as kitchens go, I like mine.  It’s definitely not newly renovated with a lot of white (though I do have one white appliance).  My beloved smooth top cook top died a few years ago and sadly I replaced it with a gas one.  Hate it – but I did it for one reason.  If the power goes off I can still make coffee!!!!  (Yes, my priorities are in the right place!  ☕😊)  And, all of my DIL’s love it!

Also, my kitchen is bright with COLOR – and walls that showcase still more cross stitch, mementos, etc.  You’ll see, I’m just a bright color girl.  The walls are painted “apple green” and the accents are red!  The cabinets are the original oak – which “I” love!  The little pass thru window looks onto the dining area and from the door you can see the buffet which more or less separates the dining area from the living area, so it’s not as closed off as many of the older kitchens are – but enough so that not everything “shows”.

When I was much younger I thought nothing about painting a wall or a piece of furniture – not so much anymore.  But, when I was doing chemo (a number of years ago) I decided I would paint my kitchen.  It had rather bland wallpaper and I was tired of it.  Friends offered to help, but I guess I had to prove to myself that I “could” do it – and so I did.  Not as fast as I might have in my previous healthy life – BUT, I proved I could do it.

Then the red accents just sort of happened and really transformed it into a really cheery place.  I needed a new kitchen trash can and went shopping for one.  Saw a red one that caught my attention – and red accents for my kitchen were born.  Kids have added a number of small appliances in red – my microwave, toaster, etc.  And of course, if I’m buying anything now – it’s RED.

So, it’s small, but it’s cherry.  My island is on wheels so can be moved around as I need it to be.  I brought it with me many years ago from my last house because I liked it!  When family visits it can get pretty crowded pretty quick, but when it’s just me it’s plenty of room – and besides I barely cook anyway.  I did my share of cooking when my kids were growing up and when Chuck was alive.  But the older I get the worse I get.

I suppose my array of small red appliances are some of my favorite things – especially my “coffee station” – and that too has seen additions from my kids.

And the infamous trash can sits right below to the red microwave 😉 – which sits on a handy little cart that I also brought with me from my last house.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

High five on having red appliances. I have been on the lookout for a red bread maker. And wish my blender was red. I have to keep put it back in the cabinet because it isn’t! Yay for you to paint the kitchen yourself when you weren’t at your healthiest. I have never been much on painting, other than to touch up walls here and there. Our house now is a beige-y color and if I could wave a wand, I would lighten it but not interested in waving a paint brush to make it happen! My mom had a… Read more »


Love how colourful your kitchen is – the red appliances are a really fun touch! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

Hope you have been having a great weekend 🙂

Patti @ Pandora's Box

Thanks for a peek into your kitchen – it is so bright and cheery, and i love the red accents!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I LOVE that you love color Iris. And the red appliances are the best. Having a coffee area like that just goes to show that coffee is a priority for you. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


This is exactly what a kitchen should be, Iris. A happy place where the people who use it feel surrounded by things that make them happy…starting with color! The apple green does a great job of making everything cheery…and pops of red are always happy. These are some of the ingredients my kitchen is definitely lacking. Like ours, your cabinets and floor match, but you’ve brought your space to life…with life… the color and the mementos! Mine is brown and blah. I am getting a lot of great takeaways from this tour! Thanks for sharing yours!

Eileen Sinda
Eileen Sinda

Very cheery!