October 16 – a date to remember

… well, it’s a date that’s seared in my memory.  It’s the date I lost Chuck – 15 years ago.  Hard to believe it’s been 15 years, seems like yesterday.




We were just a little short of 44 years.  He was older than me and was pretty sure he would go before me.  He always tried to have “things” where I could take care of them.  He failed – I still need him.



He did go out with a ‘bang’ – well, a bang-up funeral, and all his own planning.  If haven’t read about it and are interested it’s here.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

I am so sorry, Iris. He looks like a very kind man. Love the photo of the two of you together.


So sorry for your loss, what a panful anniversary!


I know you are missing your sweet husband, Iris. I’m so glad you shared about this day with us. Sending love and a big hug!

Cathy in Missouri
Cathy in Missouri

Oh, Iris – my heart is so full reading about Chuck – about the loving relationship you still share. I know he’s in Heaven and you’re here, but as it says in a quote I love: “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Chuck’s life hasn’t truly ended, though. His time here has ended, yes, but not his life. My heart aches knowing how you miss him every day. At the same time, explodes with anticipation thinking where Chuck is now, what he’s seeing, and what his face will look like the next time you see each other. The Reunion… Read more »