Buckle Up Buttercup!!!

I saw this graphic on facebook and just couldn’t resist….  no use complaining.  We’re blessed to be alive! 😀

  • We frequently get rain from the hurricane’s that make landfall on the gulf coast (thank God we don’t get any worse).
  • The only thing I celebrate about October 31 is my #6 grandson’s birthday.
  • The full moon that will be visible on Oct. 31 is called the blue moon because it’s the second full moon of the same month — following the harvest moon of Oct. 1 through Oct. 3. And in a rare treat, the 2020 Halloween full moon will be visible to the entire world, rather than just parts of it, for the first time since World War II.
  • Time change 😳😒😰🤒  Does anyone else dislike the time change as much as I do?  Especially the one this time of year.  It gets dark SO early anyway.

So, that’s my complaining for the day!  And, I should not complain.  I have so very much to be thankful for, these things are just trivial bumps in the road of my life.

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Hope you don’t get too much rain, and happy birthday to your grandson! 🙂 We are lucky here – we don’t have daylight savings so we don’t change the clocks, but it does mean the kids are up earlier in summer when it gets light so early, haha!

Hope that you are having a good week! 🙂


Love the “Buckle up Buttercup” Iris! The hurricane came through our mountains last night and this morning and we experienced heavy rains and some wind. We were without power for about 6 hours but it is back on now and we are fine. Hope you are too! And, yes, I don’t like the time change. It just get dark too early!