Oh my goodness…

….is it almost Thursday already???  The day I choose to post to my blog.  Usually I have something all written up and scheduled, but it just occurred to me – I have nothing.

But I do have so much.  I can complain and moan and groan, but I am truly blessed.

  • I have a home that I love.  It’s kinda getting old like me and it certainly wouldn’t win any awards on a ‘home show’.  But…. it’s mine/it’s ‘decorated’ (if you can call it that) in MY taste and I’m comfortable here.  (Well mostly.  I do need a new cushion for where I sit or a new sofa or something 😉)
  • I have four wonderful kids (not kids anymore, but they always will be to me) – 3 sons and a daughter.  They all live far away, but keep in touch regularly.
  • They have wonderful families and I have eight (count them – 8) wonderful grandkids – some married, some engaged – all in all a great bunch!
  • A great church that I’ve sorely missed during the last few months because of COVID.
  • Great friends who’ve checked on me/brought me groceries/mowed my lawn/and generally cared.
  • I have three great furkids 🐾🐾🐾who keep me company ALL the time.  Koda, Boots & Emma Grace (who all just happen to be pretty close as I type this).  And yes, they do follow me to the bathroom  😁   🐺🐱🐈🐾   SO, I had to create a cross stitch chart about them. 😎

Obviously, there’s SO MUCH more that I have to be thankful for!  The leaves are turning (my favorite time of the year), and falling.  I love to see leaves in my yard.

Not the brilliant colors elsewhere – but I’m so blessed with what I do have.  I have places to walk and lovely things to see right under my nose.  Thank you Lord!

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Your garden looks beautiful and it’s nice you are able to see the colours changing – we don’t have that in autumn here in Brisbane really! It’s always good to list out our blessings and things to be thankful for to remind us in the tough times!

Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you!

Leslie Susan Clingan

You do have many wonderful blessings. Hope you can soon return to church. Hoping we can return to church soon, too.


Yes, we all have so much to be thankful for, Iris! Loved reading your list. Be well and have a great end of the week!