Where I Sleep – Another “Where Bloggers Live”

Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and see inside people’s homes and lives? Over the last year (has it really been that long), a group of bloggers have been sharing their workspaces, their homes, towns and more!  So… Welcome to the latest edition of Where Bloggers Live. It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers!

Where do I sleep?  Well, here it is.  I have a fairly large bedroom – more space to “fill up” and it seems the older I get, the more it fills up.



One of my favorite things is my little electric “wood stove”.  My bedroom just doesn’t get warm like the rest of the house – and besides I enjoy just sitting and looking at it.

I made the ‘hearth’ myself! 👏

I do have a lovely sitting area, and you “might” notice that I have to move an elephant out of either chair to sit down. 🐘😍


My bedroom opens off the living room and of course Koda follows me everywhere.



And, there’s a LARGE glass topped elephant table between the chairs (a gift from a friend who didn’t think I had enough elephants already ). 😁🐘



I love all the pictures I have in my bedroom.  Most of them are older ones (& all family) – the cute one on the stove is a grandson who’s all grown up and working on his doctorate in college.

Found that little bookcase at an antique shop years ago.  God forbid I should have a vacant spot.  The Cross Stitch ear-ring holder on the right I made because I couldn’t find anything I liked. Love being able to see all my cute long dangling ear-rings (includes gifts – and of course, there’s an elephant pair).


Of course the ‘cat tower’ has to go in front of the window.  And you’ll notice my yellow curtains – another blog post.


The little 3 drawer chest is another antique store find a number of years ago.

Love to visit antique shops with my daughter, but obviously haven’t been able to that in quite some time.


I have a sliding glass door onto the deck, but it hasn’t been opened in years.  It’s easier to put stuff in front of it and access the deck from the living room.  Antique secretary was my great-aunts.  It was in really bad shape when I got it and Chuck worked long and hard to get it usable again.  One of the legs was broken in two and he somehow put a “pin” in it.  I’ve been using it for 30+ years now.



That’s an off the floor “dog bed” I got for Koda.  He would never use it but Boots has adopted it for his own.










Let’s see, am I missing anything??  Oh yeah – where I actually sleep –

If you’ve read my blog in the past, I did a post about my DIY headboard.  I still love it BTW.

Blankets, comforters, quilts – all change as the seasons or my mood – but I do love my bed.  It’s low to the floor, so easy to get in and out of.  Memory foam mattress that sleeps really well – and of course, I have three (yes 3) “bedfellows”.  Emma Grace, Boots and Koda.  Sometimes there’s little room for me!

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What a great bedroom, Iris! I love the sitting area with the electric stove. It just looks like such a cozy spot to sit and read or just think. Your decor is all about “you” which is perfect! Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

Leslie Susan Clingan

I love that every inch is filled with love. Photos of loved ones, beloved pets and your darling elephants. I have photos in every room. My daughter recently told her husband that she wanted some family photos taken so they could frame and hang them. He said people don’t do that anymore. Apparently, he is not in the know!! I really like your kitty tower. Ours gave up the ghost so I replaced it with a single level thing…not tower-like at all. So only one kitty can lounge there at a time. I did get a suitcase at Goodwill when… Read more »


Your bedroom looks so lovely, I like the picture wall too, I’ve been thinking about doing something like that in my wardrobe room but haven’t been able to narrow down what photos I want yet, haha!

Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂


Your space is so comfortable. That desk is beautiful. The Hubs and I enjoy antiquing — it’s fun and, gosh, so many interesting discoveries.

Also the elephant table – swoon!

Em d

What a comfortable place to rest, filled with lovely things and the people you love the best. (And I didn’t mean to rhyme, but I do it all the time.)

That gorgeous secretary, Iris! What a treasure!

Love that you are surrounded by your family via photos. It’s uplifting to see happy faces and memories… In addition to your kitties, what would be better to have around you when you put your head on the pillow at the end of the day? Lovely, comfy room!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

I laughed at the idea of having a vacant spot. I’m totally the same way. I’m constantly thinking of how I could put something in the spot to get more clothes storage (or accessory storage)
That secretary piece is amazing. Your husband was such a dear and so talented.
And the photos?? Those are the memories that make us happy. We have all of ours in the guest bedroom…maybe that’s weird?? But I love going in there to look at them.


Ahh, so many clearly beloved things in your bedroom with you! I LOVE a cute lil bookcase 🙂 And the way the dog/cat bed fits perfectly under the secretary! It was meant to be!

Love your purple and lime green color palette on the bed!

Thanks for sharing your space with us!