Winter in Alabama

What a weekend the New Year’s holiday was 😬😬😬😬………….

  • 75 degrees on New Years Eve and New Years day
  • Tornadoes and storms on New Year’s Day
  • Then Snow starting at night on January 2
  • Way to go 2022  😬

Here’s what it looked like when I got up on Monday (Jan 3).  A friend took this photo from the cemetery across the street.  That is my house kinda hiding.


These are from my back deck.  My flamingos have snow on them. 🙂

Then from my front door.  This little Christmas tree sits just to the left of my front door – right close to the front on the house (on the front porch – under the porch roof).  I’ve used it for many years and no, it is NOT a flocked tree.  It’s green, just covered with snow.  The wind apparently came mostly from the north.  Only the uncovered part of the back deck had snow – the entire front porch was covered.

Probably about 3 inches but stuck to all the pine & cedar trees, bushes that still had leaves and limbs.  Yes, it was a beautiful snow.  No, I didn’t go farther than the covered part of the deck.

I finally got a picture of Koda outside.  It wasn’t quite as ‘solid’ just down the steps in his little piece of the yard as it’s protected on 3 sides – but he was still pretty unimpressed.

Saw this advice on facebook:  “If you rarely drive in the snow, pretend you’re taking your Grandma to church.  There’s platter of biscuits and 2 gallons of sweet tea in glass jars on the back seat.  She’s wearing a new dress and holding a crock pot full of gravy.”  Sounded like good advice to me!

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