What am I doing these days…

… well, besides using my cute walking cane today (you can read about the walking cane here), I’m trying to figure out what to post on this blog. I did have other plans for today, but here I am <sigh>   So, just what am I doing these days???

Well, I have been fruitful lately, finishing several cross stitch projects.  Still have a couple of Christmas stockings I have to finish (the cross stitch portion is done).  Just have to turn them into stockings – not my favorite part.

When my first grandchild was born (32 years ago – WOW) I cross stitched a birth sampler and a Christmas stocking.

Obviously not thinking ahead very well.  BECAUSE…… what you do for one you have to do for all the rest.  Then – great-grandchildren started arriving. Don’t misunderstand.  I adore having all the grandchildren, grandchildren-in-laws AND the great-grandchildren.

At this rate I’ll be stitching stockings from my coffin 😮


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Ruth Eisenman
Ruth Eisenman

Too funny. I’m a grandmother also and failed to think ahead either. I love my grands and will continue on.

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

The littles are SO lucky to have you do this for them. Because they will have them for their entire lives and think of you every Christmas.


You’re so funny, Iris! The stockings are beautiful. You are so talented and what a wonderful gift and keepsake for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren!!