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0………..0000000……………………..Favorite recipes huh?! Does that mean everyone should have favorite recipes? Guess we’ll find out.

In case you haven’t visited us before “Where Bloggers Live” is a group of ladies from around the country who post about their homes (inside and out), towns, and generally their lives. Be sure to check their links below to read about their actual recipes and other interesting things about them.

So our fearless leader in this endeavor is Bettye – she works long and hard to keep us all in line, remind us when we’re supposed to post and the subject for the month.  Now, our subject can come from any one of us and they’ve always been one that I could find something to write about.  But, RECIPES??  

Okay, this post is coming from THE worse cook in the world, and the one who hates cooking more than anything.  If they’d just invent a little pill we could take instead of eating think of all the time we’d save – on both the eating and cooking.

Yes, I had to cook for many years and both my dear husband and kids all survived.  I was married to a man who LOVED TO EAT, and he was married to a woman who HATED TO COOK.  But, he never complained.  He would tell the kids, “If your mother can cook it, you can eat it”.

One of his favorite activities was to sit and read recipes to me out of the paper or magazines while I cross stitched.  I HATED to hear recipes.

Years ago he bought me a really nice (and expensive at the time) set of “Saladmaster” stainless steel cookware, with a lifetime guarantee.  Sadly it didn’t improve my desire to cook (nor my proficiency in cooking).   But the cooking set is still going strong.

So… after all that sad history – you may or may not know that my #1 son and his wife have moved next door to me.  My DIL is a gourmet cook and my son cooks pretty darned well too.  Now – their mission in life seems to be that I get to eat well.  #1 son comes to my house every weekday to ‘feed me’ and on weekends when she has time my DIL whips up lavish dinners and we eat at their house.

That’s my sad cooking story.  I can remember a few things I cooked back in the day, but no idea where the recipes are.  Sorry!

These are links to the others in the group.  Check out their posts – I’m sure you’ll find some yummy things to cook from them.

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How wonderful to have delicious meals cooked for you and brought to your table! I enjoy cooking but don’t typically cook from recipes. I tend to wait until meal time and “see what comes together” in the kitchen. I use those wonderful steamer bags of rice and also vegetarian foods plus some meat. I enjoy recipes but many of them have too much sodium and fat for my husband and me so they are “out” most of the time!

Leslie Susan Clingan

I am so glad you are enjoying the delicious meals of your son and daughter-in-law. My mom lived in a retirement community for the last 11 years of her life. When the food wasn’t good, she had very little else to look forward to. My brother would bring her a McDonald’s cheeseburger and chocolate shake or I would order something for her from a local restaurant (she was in KY and I am in TX) on the nights when she just couldn’t stomach the dining room meal. The older I get, the less interested I am in cooking. I have… Read more »

Bettye L Rainwater

Oh I hear you, Iris. Like I said in my post, I did enjoy cooking FOR someone…but now that it’s just me, I really don’t enjoy time spent cooking and mostly eat things that require as little preparation time as possible.

How LOVELY to have people cook for you! What a gift!


Daenel T.

Iris, this is the best. You son and daughter-in-law cook for you? And gourmet meals at that? Ohhhh, I’m so jealous right now. My daughter does make the most delicious vegan meals though.

Sally in St Paul

Iris, you are 100% living my dream! But I hadn’t considered that this strategy requires having children, so darn it. Back to my super easy recipes, I guess. Until I win the lottery and can hire a personal chef!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

You and Lesley have a lot in common. She always jokes that the only reason she has a kitchen, is that it came with her house, LOL!!
And my stepmom has those pots and pans too!!
At least your son is looking out for you, I love that>

em d

First, Iris, you have my heart! I thought you would have something with a dozen ingredients that had to marinate for days and took hours to roast. And then I see that not only are we kindred spirits in the kitchen, but stories like ours have a happy ending: our children marry lovely people, move next door and feed us! Like a fairy tale! This will be my happy thought for the day! xoxo