Ok, Here I am again…

Of course the first part of October was the trip to Wisconsin and then the ‘recovery’, but after that I got busy with my little cross stitch business.  October was my best month ever with the wholesale site I use.  Not sure why, but I’d sure like to figure it out.  Would love more months like that.

Maybe God just blessed me because I actually made the trip to Wisconsin, but whatever the reason, I’m glad.

So, I’m just going to give you a glimpse into my newer charts – plus there are a couple over in the right column.  All easy and don’t take a long time to stitch.

Can’t forget Thanksgiving – and it’s going to be here before we blink.

And, it’s on to Christmas.   I saw Christmas ads on November first – and there were probably some out there before that.  Of course, if you’re going to cross stitch something, you do have to start a little early.  All of these holiday charts stitch up really easy and fast.














I really do enjoy enjoy the stitching – and the design too (most of the time).

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Your cross stitch charts all look great!