Halloween – or not

Do you ‘celebrate’ Halloween?  I remember being terrified when adult trick or treaters came to my grandparents house when I was a child.  At least, they looked adult to me.  I’ve never been into seriously scary things, either as a child or an adult.  There’s enough evil in the world with out glamorizing it.

I know, for most people it’s all in fun – but some of the ‘fun things’ aren’t the best things we can do either.

I remember school having a Fall Festival or Halloween party – and dressing up.  First costume I remember was being a gypsy.

I dressed my sons in cute outfits and took them trick or treating when they were younger.  We didn’t go out and buy costumes though, had to be creative at home.

I remember one Halloween when their Chuck made their costumes.  One was Dracula, the other two were from the Wizard of Oz… scarecrow and tinman.

And speaking of costumes, here are a couple of the cutiest I’ve ever seen on Facebook the other day.  Just couldn’t resist them.

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

It’s not my kind of holiday either, Iris. But I’m always in awe of the creative costumes out there. Especially the family ones. It makes me want to figure out one for my moms and I for next year….we will see…