Christmas is almost here…

I showed you my Christmas decorations last week – and I’m still enjoying them.  Not much else going on here except had to get a new thermostat for my house.  Those little rascals are small and we sure take them for granted when they work – but when they don’t work…..

Well, I suspect the one I had, had been here for way too many years for me to count.  Anyway, #1 son and a friend of his put a new one in for me, so I’m warm again (that’s pretty important to me) – and they’re telling us we going to have REALLY COLD weather for Christmas.  Anyway, the only reason #1 son needed any help is that he had shoulder surgery the day before the thermostat replacement and he’s wearing a brace and can’t do much.  Of course the surgery was on his right side – and he’s VERY right handed.

Okay, just had to show off one more Christmas decoration.  This lovely, ceramic ornament was given to me yesterday by a young lady who goes to my church. We’ve been friends since she was just a little girl and she’s growing into a real sweetheart.  I thought the ornament would show up more sitting on my buffet.  I love the red bird.

So, it’s almost here.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.  I pray you have a wonderful holiday.

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