It’s beginning to look like Christmas…. at my house!

And I love it… But here’s a little secret. Don’t tell anyone… but I don’t use the upstairs unless I have guests and I can’t handle that big tree. I do have sons around now who can help. For a number of years that wasn’t the case…. SO, that tree in the window stays up all year. I just turn the lights on for the Christmas season.  #2 son from Texas put up the angel in the front yard and my trees in the living room – I loved watching him, my #1 grandson and my #1 grandson-in-law decorate the trees.  I might have added a few decorations around after they left.

Come on in the house, it’s cold

This little tree stays up all the time. Why, because I like it.

I wasn’t going to use this picture, then I realized Emma Grace is sitting on the coffee table.


And that takes care of it for this time. My skinny tree sits in one side of the french doors and directly in my line of vision. I love just sitting and looking at it and be flooded with memories.

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Your decorations are just beautiful, Iris! I love all of your trees and the figurines, and just everything. I hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family. Unfortunately, what I thought was a cold is really Covid so I am now busy recuperating from that. Not how I planned to spend this next week at all! Stay safe and well.