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As you may know – “Where Bloggers Live” is a group of ladies from around the country who post about their homes (inside and out), towns, and generally their lives.  Be sure to check their links below to read about some of their childhoods…

This month is favorite jewelry – which is only difficult for me because I have a LOT of favorites.  My mother managed a jewelry store when I was growing up so I spent a LOT of time there.  I learned to appreciate diamonds and gold jewelry – but I love costume jewelry and have lots.  And, of course I have a ‘herd’ of elephants.  Who knew there could be so much elephant jewelry.

This little “Pearl Harbor” pin was sent to me from my Daddy when he was in the Navy – I was around 4 years old. VERY special pin!

Remember I’m old – jewelry has always been a fairly easy gift from family and friends , sooo there’s quite a bit.  I’ve worked on sorting recently.

Saw a chart in one of my very old cross stitch magazines and thought that it would be a great place to hang my long ear-rings that have become so popular.  It’s right next to my dresser and just over the elephant hanger.

The next ones are some that are really close to my heart.

You understand I could fill a book with my jewelry but I think it’s time you checked some of my blogging buddies for their take on this month’s “Where Bloggers Live”.

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Leslie Susan Clingan

What precious pieces. Lockets are apparently very much in fashion. My 12-year-old granddaughter has one on her Christmas list. Love that beautiful, meaningful jewelry is important to her. Love the elephant holder. And your cross from Chuck is so special. Looks like rose gold. So pretty. That Pearl Harbor pin is a real treasure. I discovered some pins among my father’s things after my he and my mom died. Wish I knew more about the history behind them. One is a Nazi military pin of some sort. He didn’t even serve in WWII so can’t imagine where he got it.

Em D

I’ve been looking forward to your post! I knew you would have special pieces to share. The engraving on your great aunt’s locket is so cool…right out of a Dicken’s book. I always leave your posts wanting more Iris!

Daenel T.

I love that you have so many heirloom pieces. And that they’re dated. Absolutely beautiful. Also the elephant butt made me giggle because that’s something my kids so would’ve done.


All of your jewelry is lovely. It would be hard for me to pick my favorites in jewelry because I kind of like all of mine!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Wow. How fabulous to have so many vintage pieces like that. I hope you wear them often because they are amazing.
You have about as many elephant things as my mom does owl things. It’s a fun collection,

Sally in St Paul

Your heirloom jewelry is amazing. I can only imagine what you know about jewelry from your mom’s work. The elephant butt is so fun! I have only one elephant pendant but I do love it. Clever use of the cross stitch chart!

Bettye Rainwater

Iris, I have always admired your elephant collection and am happy to see it extends to jewelry! Gotta love a woman who can commit to a theme!

And I love your family heirloom pieces, the lockets and crosses. Those are precious gifts to cherish forever.

PS – I think I need your jewelry organizing skills.