My Birthday…

…. was last week!  It was a great day, I heard from all of my four of my kids (though they aren’t really kids anymore), all 8 of my grandkids and a sweet Zoom call from #1 grandson with his wife, AND my #1 sweet granddaughter.  Plus lots of friends.   It’ so easy to say Happy Birthday in our world  – cell phones make it so much easier than it used to be…. I was on the phone almost all day last Friday – loved it.

Had several sing to me – loved that!

Had an old friend stop overnight on her way from Florida to Missouri.  That and the dinner my #1 DIL served really topped off my day well.  My DIL had some adorable napkin holders that she put out – gold, sparkly peacocks.  I love napking holders so this was a surprise that I enjoyed.

Then we had a delicious dinner with salad, bread sticks, AND “seafood lasagna”!  😀  Now that’s the way lasagna should be made.  I love seafood so this was perfect.  I failed to get a picture of it, but did get one with my “cake” (aka cupcakes), served on a peacock server with small matching dessert plates.

The bottom layer had chocolate covered strawberries and the top layer had “chocolate covered PECANS”.  My DIL knows how I love pecans – and chocolate.  They were a perfect finish to a near perfect day.  Visiting friend was able to get a picture of #1 son & DIL and me!

I had a really great birthday – 😀 and yes, I am older than dirt!🎈🎂 😀   Looking forward to a lot more of them. 😀

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Leslie Susan Clingan

Happy belated birthday. You look fabulous!! Pretty as a picture. So glad to see an updated photo of you. And the son and DIL. Your sweet DIL must kinda like you…she prepared such a wonderful meal in your honor. I love the peacock napkin rings and all the peacock plates. Beautiful table setting.

So glad you heard from all the kids. You are loved. Sending you a big hug from El Paso.

Well, I can’t sing to you but I can wish you a very happy belated birthday, Iris! So glad you had a wonderful day with family, friends and great food. Today is my hubby’s birthday so we are enjoying celebrating him.