It’s been a crazy time since my last post, lots of texts and phone calls with family.  I didn’t post anything, wanted to be sure there was a positive outcome.

My #3 son (Asher) who is the youngest of my children, had a massive heart attack on March 24.  He survived (thank God) – and that’s another story.  Anyway, the doctor called the artery that was blocked “the widowmaker” and said many people don’t survive that.  They put in 2 stents on the Friday of the heart attack and another on the following Monday.  He got to go home on Tuesday, but is very limited in what he can do.  Currently he’s going to ‘cardiac therapy’.

He was back in the pulpit this past Sunday.

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Ruth Ann Eisenman
Ruth Ann Eisenman

Thankful to the Lord that he still hears us and answers prayers.


I’m sorry to hear that Asher had a massive heart attack but so very thankful to God that he survived and they were able to do stents. My husband had triple bypass at age 49, 15 years ago before he had a heart attack. Cardiac therapy will be helpful to him as he recovers. I know this was scary for you and the whole family, Iris.

Marcia Brinkley
Marcia Brinkley

My husband had a similar experience 5 years ago with a widow maker heart attack and two stents. He became extremely focused on diet and exercise, lost 100 lbs., and is a new person. His cardiologist is thrilled. He followed the Ornish plan, which is the basis of most cardiac rehab programs, but he did it at home as there were no programs available where we are. My best to your son. I hope he has a similar outcome.