Texas grandkids

There are three – #1 and #3 grandsons and #1 granddaughter.  They’re all grown up and married now and I was blessed to be able to see all of their ‘homes’ while I was in Texas recently.

#1 grandson and his wife have purchased their first home out in one of the suburbs.  It’s a more established home and really lovely.  I was really tired when we went by their house and got to see it all, but just forgot to take pictures…. so this picture was actually taken in 2018 and that’s “Sadie” they’re holding.  Sadie was a puppy then, she’s now grown into a BIG dog who still thinks she’s a puppy 😲🐶

Looks like a fun backyard too – maybe I should visit in the summertime



Then #3 grandson (the #2 one in Texas 😊) lives in uptown Dallas (who knew there was a downtown and uptown?).  Same day, still tired – no pics of their really nice apartment where they can walk to lots of interesting looking shops and restaurants.

Grandson actually rides the trolley to work.  I enjoyed seeing them – didn’t know they were around anymore.


Then next would be granddaughter (who just got married). They have an adorable 1930’s cottage that’s been really well maintained on the inside.  This picture definitely doesn’t do it justice.

It’s quite spacious and while they updated the kitchen with granite counter tops, they kept all the built ins and character.

I especially liked the old ‘telephone shelf’ in a hallway.  I can remember one of my great aunt’s having one of those when I was a kid.  Made your house quite “up to date”.

I’m in love with this house.  It was great getting to see where they all lived and while each one is different they’re all special – just like my grandkids!

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

How wonderful to be able to visit them all.
I must say I’d never heard of the “telephone shelf”. Talk about how things have changed!!

Leslie Susan Clingan

What a fun tour of your grandchildrens’ homes. I hope I am around to see my grands marry. They are still years from that but it must be wonderful to see your children’s children grow up and see they succeed.

Love the telephone cubby hole. Here in El Paso all of the houses have little nooks for religious statues, like Guadalupe or Mary. We call them the baby Jesus nooks.


Oh, I love seeing the houses! But my favorites are always the old charmers 🙂 My aunt and grandmother had telephone niches in their stucco walls in Los Angeles…and lots of built-ins..like I can see in this pic closer to the kitchen door.

And yes, you should definitely go visiting in the summer and enjoy some lazy days by that pool! I might join you!