Henry House

Well, I’ve already done one post on this house, but I’ve since been able to visit and have a tour inside.

What a wonderful experience.  Granddaughter Ariel was visiting and we got a guided tour by the current owner (who has lived there for 30 years).  The interior is even more fascinating than the exterior.  I didn’t take as many pictures inside – I was so in awe I just wasn’t thinking well.

Couldn’t resist a picture of my granddaughter on the same lawn 2021 – that’s 121 years apart and she would be Ariel’s great-great-great aunt.

Only got a single shot inside – again I was awe struck.  This is the entry way.  The upstairs was just amazing with so many little nooks and strange rooms and tiny skinny stairs.  It’s really quite a large house and some of the rooms are enormous while others are tiny.

My great-aunt Sweetie on the left and my grandmother sitting next to her.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this was the house my grandmother got married in, and this picture is her sitting on the lawn.  And then my grandmother in her beautiful wedding dress. BTW, I still have the lovely lace fan she carried – my mother had it framed years ago and it hangs on my living room wall.

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Oh, these are the best tours. We just toured a 1904 house in Flagstaff and I just love seeing how things have changed.
How fabulous you still have that fan too.


I just love these historical posts of yours Iris. The wedding photo of your grandmother is just gorgeous. I feel I can see a bit of your face in hers. And how wonderful to take a pic of your granddaughter on the lawn where the pic of your Great Aunt Sweetie was taken! Just a lovely post that I truly enjoyed.


Oh that’s so special you got to go inside and see the house – and that you could take some pics on the front yard just like those older ones you have! how nice this house is still there for you to enjoy and see 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 We had so much fun at the Lego exhibition at the museum yesterday.