What’s Happening on my Deck

Understand I LOVE flowers, I love all the pretty color.  They make me smile.  There’s just one problem.  I’m almost as excited over gardening as I am about cooking.  I just cannot keep flowers alive – SO, I’ve solved that problem.  Both my parents and both my grandmothers were excellent gardeners – apparently I didn’t get that gene.

Anyway, the first flower to go out there this year was a lovely lavender one that my Church gave me on Mother’s day.  And that gave me the idea.   It’s been followed up with other colors – as you can see from some of the pictures.

Now, also added to the colors for my deck are several tin garden ornaments that #3 son and his wife gave me for my birthday.   The bees add a lot, and of course there’s ‘Harvey’ (from a Britbox series #1 son and I watched).

Now laugh if you will at my silk flowers and maybe it is a little silly – but remember I’m older than dirt and allowed to be silly occasionally.  Besides, it’s MY deck!  I’ve had several mornings out there with my coffee, enjoying the color and watching the hummingbirds.

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Hi Iris: I think silk flowers on your deck are the perfect solution along with the pretty containers you place them in! I have often thought about doing that very thing and have used silk flowers on our covered front porch before. It’s easy to do and no maintaining which is absolutely the best! Hope you are doing well. Loved your post.