Is it cold in your world???

Well, it is in Alabama (most days) and I’m spending a fair amount of time trying to keep warm.  Alabama weather is so crazy, you never know.  One day you’ll need super warm clothes, the next might be in the 60’s.  But, I’m always cold, so keeping warm is a project I work on all the time.

I do have this wonderful electric throw blanket – a gift from #3 son & wife a few years ago.  I didn’t use it as much when it was first gifted – but as I get older, I get colder 🙁  and it’s really helped.  Difficult to get a good picture – but here it is, tucked well around my feet, and comes all the way up to my chest.

Another item I really LOVE is my gas fireplace.  It  was originally a wood fireplace – but after DH died, I couldn’t handle that so I converted to gas.  The original remote died and I was not pleased.  Who wants to have to get up and go to the fireplace and try and figure out which knob to turn and which switch to move – NOT ME.  Fortunately (for me) #1 son was able to find a replacement (at Amazon of course) and put it in easily.

Now these two things are in the living room, but I’m able to stay reasonably warm, “as long as I stay in the living room”.  The rest of the warmth has to come from the furnace (which also had to be worked on recently).

It’s seriously annoying when something that’s been working for years suddenly stops – kinda like me.

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That electric throw looks really cozy, Iris, as does your gas log fireplace! Like your weather in Alabama, our weather here in NC can also fluctuate from one day to the next. Case in point, yesterday was in the 60’s and today is only going to reach a high in the low 40’s. So, I feel your pain with trying to keep warm. I keep a fuzzy throw in the living room that I can put over me if needed and I usually always wear either a sweater or jacket around the house as I need that extra layer of… Read more »