Christmas past at my house

I’ve always loved the Christmas season and decorating.  We didn’t do much of that when I was a child, perhaps because of the war years.  So, as an adult I always managed to have a tree and at least come decorations.

My husband thought you shouldn’t put the tree up till Christmas Eve – and take it down before New Years.  I never enjoyed that tradition, but I lived with it.  However, since he’s been gone, my tree usually goes up the day after Thanksgiving and I thoroughly enjoy it till I decide to take it down.

Chuck made this reindeer the year before he died after seeing one at Branson. There were two of them but for the life of me I’ve not been able to find the second one. I’m thinking he gave it away. Friends put this one up for me the year he died.  The pretty lightbox below was another gift from a friend a number of years ago.




A dear friend (who has since passed away) gave me this little tree.  It even has purple lights.





Then there’s the “Barbie tree”  I collected Barbies for many years (as an adult) – hence the Barbie Room upstairs.  They’re all in storage now but I have all the adorable little ornaments showcased in my Office.

I haven’t had this tree up since I’ve had very active cats – I can only imagine.


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Your trees look lovely! It’s sad you don’t have Chuck around but it’s nice you can still decorate and feel festive in your own way! 🙂

Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas are enjoying the last day of 2020 🙂

Leslie Susan Clingan

I think you need to get those Barbies out and invest in some inexpensive floating shelves to showcase them. I know I would love to read posts about some of your favorites. That Barbie tree is adorable and maybe it’s time to bring it back, too!! Our kitties batted at some of the ornaments but left the tree alone for the most part. If the Barbies bring you joy, then bring them back!! It’s time for YOU. That purple tree is precious. And I love the babies in the rocking chair beside it. Glad you have one of deer that… Read more »

I love that Barbie tree! I loved Barbies when I was little and received one from a student as a Christmas gift when I was teaching. Have never seen them on a tree, though. It’s fun to look back at past Christmases and see the decorations and such. I hope that you enjoyed your day today and have a very Happy New Year as well!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo

Gosh…I always like putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving. It’s so much work that I want time to enjoy it!! Heck, sometimes it doesn’t get put away until the middle of January too, LOL!!!